Kelowna Counselling Counsellor Depression
Ugh, another day. Do I have to get out of bed today? I really don’t want to.

Depression sucks. It can be hard to find the energy to want to get better.  Make an appointment with me to decrease depression through counselling and lifestyle choices, such as exercise, diet, and meditation. Yes, all of these are important to getting better!

Signs of depression include:

  • Having a sense of hopelessness / helplessness,
  • Loss or increase in appetite,
  • Not finding joy in activities that use to bring you excitement,
  • Not engaging in social activities,
  • Loss of energy,
  • Anger or irritability,
  • Thoughts of killing yourself

How does counselling work?

We will work together to decrease the depression through counselling and lifestyle choices. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people silently suffer from mild to more severe depression and the sooner you can get help, the better.

I offer an initial 20-minute free no-obligations consultation. Try it out! Get to know me a bit before you decide if I'm the right person to guide you along your path.

Now here's the thing ...

If you have thoughts of killing yourself, life is becoming unbearable, and you've got a plan to end your life, please call the Crisis Line at 1.888.353.2273 (1.888.353.CARE) or head directly to your local emergency room ASAP.